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UK Registered Charity No 1150031
The Weinstock Fund, based in the South West of England, was originally established by the late Lord Weinstock in 1962 for general charitable purposes and is a grant-making trust with which he was actively involved until his death in 2002. It was wound up in December 2012 and a successor charity with similar aims created in its place. The deed of charitable trust allows the Trustees absolute discretion to apply funds for general charitable purposes.

The Charity’s aims are to support a wide range of charitable causes, particularly in the fields of welfare, children, education, medicine, music and the arts.

In particular, the Trustees prefer to support smaller charities or projects. Grants typically range from £2,000 - £5,000 per annum. Multi-year grants up to a maximum of three years are considered.

Charities must be registered in the United Kingdom.